dBFA Suite: The all-in-one software for the NVH world!

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Taking advantage of 01dB-Metravib's long-time experience (release 1.0 of the software dates from 1990), dBFA Suite is composed of dBRTA for real-time recording and analysis and dBFA for post-processing of noise and vibration signals. dBFA Suite is now offering standard and advanced features for real-time and off-line post-processing.

dBFA Suite is the software suite for multi-channel processing with real-time acquisition and post-processing: Average 1/n octave, 1/n octave vs. time, Average FFT, FFT vs. Time, FRF, white/pink/sine/sweep sine generator (if available on hardware), colour spectrogram and waterfall, tacho acquisition, calculation on spectra and signals, signal edition, import of Teac/Sony files, reporting module, order analysis, sequencer, transient/impact, Me’scope export, Matlab Communication, etc.