dB4, Your ideal Sound & Vibration analyzer on the field!

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dB4 Recorder and 4-channel Analyzer with dBFA Suite software, solutions composed of:
- Recorder: Signal recording, white/pink/sine/sweep sine generator (if available on hardware), tacho acquisition
- Analyzer: Simultaneous signal recording and real-time multiprocessing and monitoring, Average 1/n octave, 1/n octave vs. time, Average - FFT, FFT vs. Time, FRF, white/pink/sine/sweep sine generator (if available on hardware), color spectrogram and waterfall, tacho acquisition
- PostProcessing: Calculation on spectra and signals, signal edition, import of Teac/Sony files, Reporting module...
- Optional dBFA Advanced Pack (Sequencer, Transient/Impact, Me’scope export, Matlab Communication, Order Analysis, etc.)

dB4, Real-Time 4-channel Analyzer
dB4, Your ideal Sound & Vibration analyzer on the field!
dB4 is a Sound and Vibration analyzer, the most compact 4-channel USB-II data acquisition unit. dBFA Suite software dedicated to data acquisition and processing along with dB4 makes a quite unique high-resolution measurement system.

Full Performance 4ch Analyzer for using anywhere!

> Hardware Platform
- 4 channels 24 bit DAQ (DC-20 kHz Full Frequency range) plus Tacho and Ext. Trigger inputs
- Parallel Real time processing and recording
- Application-oriented processing tools
- Data Import/Export capabilities
- TCP/IP commands on open Software platform for custom development

> A complete set of software tools
- Simultaneous real-time multi-analysis, such as:
- Averaged and multi-spectra with FFT and 1/1 down to 1/48 octave
- Cross-spectra, Statistics…
- Advanced software package for:
- Frequency Response Functions,
- Order analysis (option),
- Transient and Impact Testing analysis (option)
- Application-oriented post-processing functions with analysis scripts
- Transducers Database management: Sensors, calibrators, calibration history,...
- Data Import/Export: ASCII, UFF58, Wave, nCODE, Matlab™, MeScope, mp3, SDF, ASAM/ODS, SONY, TEAC (Digital format)
- Bi-directional link to Matlab™ and compatibility with Office software suite
- Automatic reporting capabilities from real-time and post-processing modules

> Options
- RPM recording and Order analysis
- Sound Imaging and Mapping
- Sound Quality and Sound Perception
- Technical Specifications

> Hardware features
- Analog input channels: 4, single ended, simultaneous
- Channel input connectors: BNC with high rigidity frame
- Analog output channels: 1 (BNC connector)
- Digitization: 24 bits linear
- Maximum Sampling Rate: 52.734 kHz
- Minimum Sampling Rate: 195.3 Hz
- Tacho channels: 1 (31 bits)
- Maximum Input Frequency: 380 kHz

> Analog input/output characteristics
- Input impedance: 1MOhm
- Input range: 10 V rms (-15V to +15V), 1 V rms (-1.5V to +1.5V)
- Maximum allowable voltage: ±20 V (power off), ±30 V (power on)
- Overvoltage protection: ±40 V
- Sensor power supply: IEPE
- Dynamic range: 106 dB
- THD: -90 dB typically
- External trigger: BNC connector
- Trigger logic family: LVTTL inputs
- Output Range: ±10 V

> Environmental features
- Operating temperature: 0°C to 55°C
- Storage temperature: -25°C to 85°C
- Humidity: 95% RH (no condensation)
- Altitute: up to 10000 feet
- EMI: FCC Part 15, EN55022:1994+A1:1995+A2:1997, VCCI, AS/NZS 3548, Class A
- Immunity: EN 61000-6.1:2001

> Physical features
- Dimensions: 100 mm (W) x 18 mm (H) x 190 mm (D) excluding projections
- Weight: 491 g

> Power supply features
- Power, +5 V: ±5 V @0.5 A

> Software dBFA Suite (Recorder - Analyzer - Post-Processing)
- Simultaneous signal recording and real-time multiprocessing and monitoring, post processing analysis (Average 1/n octave, 1/n octave vs. time, Average FFT, FFT vs. Time, FRF...),
- Calculation on spectra and signals,
- Color spectogram and waterfall,
- Tacho acquisition,
- Signal edition,
- Import of Teac/Sony files...
- Reporting Module. Analyzer and post-processing option

> Software options (included in PRO-GP117A)
- RT Automation (user-defined sequential acquisition procedure)
- Transient / Impact mode: Coordinates management, user-defined windowing, Me'scope format export, Reporting Module both in Analyzer and Post-Processing; MATLAB communicator in Post-Processing
- Order (Analysis and Tracking in Real Time and post-Processing)
- Time-Frequency Transforms, De-noising, Convolution (Post-Processing on signals)