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The SENSIBEL range consists of a set of sound level display solutions in numerical and/or visual format (level-dependent colour).

These systems are very easy to implement and deliver, in real time, synthetic information on the sound level existing in a workshop or a public area. Since they evidence noisy areas, they favour optimal wearing of personal protection equipment (PPE).

Suited to working environments (workshops, machine rooms, etc.), these systems can also be used in music theatres, cafeterias, classrooms, gyms, etc.

Very easy to use, they are performing tools for educational purposes and also for prevention of the risks relative to occupational deafness.


Including a numerical display and a remote sensor (20 m), SENSIBEL displays an acoustic indicator in real time:

instantaneous sound pressure level in dB(A)
equivalent continuous sound pressure level in dB(A), over a time base of 1, 2, 5 or 10 min
Measured data are stored and can be retrieved using a PC-based serial interface. Using the software provided, the user can view the sound level history.


To complement the SENSIBEL numerical display, a 3-colour light column can be added (green/orange/red). In this configuration, the measured sound level will trigger the colour lamp, based on the thresholds set by the user.

The light information, which is visible from afar, allows knowing the sound level in real time, with no specific knowledge of the sound level scale required. Information relative to each colour can be given to the staff, e.g., red = safety earmuffs must be worn.

In many machine rooms, we recommend placing the display outside and the microphone inside. With this layout, each person is aware of the sound situation inside and of the need to wear personal protection before entering the room.


Sound level numerical information is not always useful or efficient. The decibel concept can indeed be sometimes complex to comprehend. For these situations, a configuration including no numerical display and only the light column is available.

The visual information provided will be enough to give a relevant indication on the noise situation.


The sound level in some rooms can be very high. Workers need to be informed simply, comprehensibly and visually. The EAR panel was designed to fulfill these criteria and prevent any risk of hearing damage due to a brief or prolonged exposure in a noisy environment. Panel LEDs are visible from more than 50 meters away.

The EAR panel can be used by itself or combined with the SENSIBEL numerical display.

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