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dBInside is a post-processing software program dedicated to sound insulation and reverberation time measurements performed with sound level meters FUSION Smart Noise & Vibration Analyzer, DUO Smart Noise Monitor and SOLO Black Edition. It takes into account international standards (ISO 717, ISO 140, etc.). It is fully suited to building acoustics applications: sound insulation between rooms, acoustic correction for a room, equipment noise, etc.

dBInside program has a new interface designed to enhance acoustics consultants’ efficiency and productivity. The purpose is to reduce the time spent on:

data entry related to the measurements (measurement location and details, etc.),
calculation of standardized indicators (unique indices),
generation of measurement reports.


The measurements organization in FUSION and DUO is effective when used with dBInside program. Measurements are automatically distributed per test (impact, airborne, equipment) without any action from the user. This feature makes it possible to process measurements more quickly by avoiding unnecessary operations.


This organization enables dBInside program to automatically calculate standardized ratings as a function of the selected standard, once the measurements are transferred. These indicators will be displayed in the test result line. The indicator will automatically be recalculated if any change is made to the test, such as recalculating a new average measurement result and test results accordingly if one or several measurements are deleted.


01dB offers a smart input method for the localization data of each measurement into the dBInside software. The user only has to enter localization data in the test row. This information will automatically be populated in all measurement rows associated with this test.


The test reports are generated in Microsoft® EXCEL using a template based on the ISO 140 standard. These reports can be customised by the user, by changing the location of the measurement information, adding a logo, changing the graphics colour, etc.

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