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The TM01 tapping machine is designed to carry out impact sound measurements in accordance with current regulations and standards. Applications include:

Building acoustics
On-site measurement of impact noise level
Laboratory measurement of impact noise level.
The TM01 tapping machine includes the following technical features:

Light and robust
2 hours of continuous operating life (integrated battery)
Verification through an optical system of the hammers’ impact rate and sequence
Visual (LED) and sound (change of rate) information in case of non standardised impact frequency
No lubrication required for the hammers
Drop height adjustment gauge fixed on the machine for simple and easy check
Programmable continuous operating time (5 or 20 min)
Remote operating through (provided).


The TM01 tapping machine includes an electronic speed controller that integrates an optical unit for information feedback. This system allows for the validation of the proper impact rate for the hammers. If the battery is too low to ensure the proper rate, the TM01 tapping machine delivers visual information through a red LED. Furthermore, the TM01 machine changes the impact rate so that it becomes irregular. This feature is particularly useful when the user is in the receiving room. He/she will then be able to remotely diagnose a dysfunction of the machine.


The TM01 tapping machine is delivered with the following accessories:

Battery (integrated into the machine)
Power supply
Wireless remote control (battery provided and receiver integrated into the machine)
Antenna for signal reception
Hammer drop height adjustment gauge
Certificate of conformity.

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