dB4 Noise and Vibration Monitoring Terminal

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dB4 is a portable noise and vibration analyser consisting of a USB2.0 4-channel acquisition unit combined with one of the software program of the 01dB range (dBFA or dBENV). Connected to the computer through the USB port, the dB4 system offers 4 synchronised 24-bit ICP inputs for performing operating, both in portable and fixed mode.

Combined with the dBFA suite, the dB4 system turns into a powerful analyser for real-time data acquisition and processing. Easy to use and to access, dB4 can be used to carry out noise or vibration measurements on the field, aboard a vehicle or in the laboratory. From FFT to intensity measurement to signal recording, the dB4 system offers a broad range of functions to both the expert and the non expert.

Associated with the dBENV software suite, the dB4 system turns into a class-1 sound level meter, but with 4 simultaneous channels! Data are acquired with the dBTRIG software that remains, to this date, THE reference for short Leq measurement. The dB4-dBTRIG pair can be used both for simple measurements of acoustic indicators and for complex measurements in, e.g., noise and vibration monitoring projects. Measured data are then processed in the dBTRAIT software used by thousands of customers worldwide. This performing software provides access to processing programs that are essential to noise and vibration analysis including the integration of international acoustic regulations.

With dB4, acousticians have a pack of functions for a great variety of applications with an unrivalled value.


The dB4 card can be connected very quickly to the USB port of the computer or the PC tablet. After starting the acquisition software, the system is all set to acquire data. The measurement can be started from a simple click. The user can then focus on the measurements displayed on a wide screen. During the measurement, he/she can also work on his/her report. As soon as the measurement is completed, he/she can access results and analyse them on site. The dB4 system increases the efficiency and productivity on the field.


01dB software programs offer a variety of functions and applications to the dB4 system. The acoustics expert can measure the noise impact of air conditioning in an apartment in the morning and intensity on a pump in the afternoon, using the same multichannel instrument. You don’t have to choose between noise and vibration. With the dB4 system, you can mix measurement channels depending on your needs. The impact of a train passing by can be characterised by a noise measurement on one channel and a vibration measurement on three channels (using a triaxial accelerometer), all fully synchronised.


Like DUO, the dB4 system, associated with dBTRIG and a 3G modem, can be used for 01dB WebMonitoring surveillance. Noise and vibration data are automatically transferred to the 01dB server and processed so as to be accessible on a private or public web site. Raw data are also available for processing with the dBTRAIT software. Real-time display of data on site and management of alarms are possible. A service accessible for all users owning a dB4 system, 01dB WebMonitoring is also available as a “full” service with the provisioning of a portable dB4-3G system (phone subscription included).

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