Vib008, a Human Vibration Dose-Meter with additional Real Time Analyisis in 1/3 octave bands

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To address the issue of assessing individual vibration exposure, dosimeter Vib008 and vibration software dBMaestro are the solution compliant with European Directive 2002/44/EC.

Based on a multiple-point metrological approach, the technical solution consists in deploying a set of blind dosimeters in the work place, which are operated with a remote control using wireless communication. This simple and non-invasive device is a valuable tool when implementing new regulations on the field.

Vib008 consists of an ergonomic and miniaturised housing, hosting acquisition unit, signal processing, data storage and data transfer. Only a single remote control of the Pocket PC type, dBA(8) is required to drive 5 instruments at the same time. Vibration measurement performance, electronic power and simplicity of the user interface, combined with Bluetooth wireless communication technology, make Vib008 the must-have device for optimum compliance with European Directive 2002/44/EC.

- Simultaneous measurements of vibration levels (x, y, z), acceleration, peak, peak-peak, peak factor, rms, A(8)...
- Signal storage (programmable sampling)
- Hand-arm and whole body
- Whole body seatpad with presence detector and luminous alarm
- Operating life: 20 h

Technological Performances of Vib008
- Bluetooth wireless communication
- Control of up to 5 instruments simultaneously
- Management of measurement configurations
- Real-time display of measured data, on colour screen
- Collection of measurement files
- Programming of start modes (instant, delayed, by periods, on detection of presence)
- Synchronised oral and written comments
- Language: English, French
- Application domain

Occupational vibration
- Prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
- Workshop mapping
- Vibration measurement

User profile
- Occupational safety and health specialists
- Occupational physicians and labour inspectors
- Ergonomists
- Research and control organisations
- Industrialists