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Based on its very rigid frame, the DMA+100, 150, 450 Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers exhibit ranges of measurable stiffness and frequency analysis that are unrivalled on the market. These frames allow for multiple tests on a wide range of specimen geometries as well as detailed characterization of the thermodynamical properties of polymers, elastomers, composites, etc.


The DMA+100,150,450 Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers are very comprehensive instruments with many assets:

Force: +/-100, +/-150, +/-450 Newtons
Frequency: from 0.00001 Hz to 1000 Hz
Strain: from +/-0.001 to +/-300%
Wide stiffness range
High measurement precision
DMA, TMA, creep, stress relaxation and fatigue modes on a single instrument
Analysis of specimens with material-representative size
Thermal chamber with high heating rate
Displacement stroke up to 6 mm for creep and stress relaxation tests
Broad selection of specimen holders for multiple geometries and dimensions
Easily upgradeable to meet specific analytical requirements
Reduced maintenance


The great flexibility of the DMA+100, 150, 450 Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers allow for a broad range of applications, among which:

DMA and TMA testing
Precise measurement of viscoelastic properties
Fatigue testing (controlled waveform)
Measurements possible on any type of material: solid, paste , liquid
Particularly well suited to polymer and composite characterization (polymerised materials, follow-up of polymerisation process, fatigue)
Determination of glass and secondary transitions
Static and quasi static testing: creep, stress relaxation, tension, compression…
Particularly well suited to elastomer testing and characterization (Mullins effect, Payne effect, frequency sweep, fatigue, heat build-up, etc.)
Tests on materials immersed in a liquid
Materials humidity dependence analysis
R&D / Quality Control / Education / Lab work

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