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DYNATEST is the DMA software program dedicated to the METRAVIB Dynamic Mechanical Analysers series for the control, acquisition and analysis of data.


Highly flexible test definition
Advanced control algorithms
Auto-control for the follow up of large variations of mechanical properties during the test
Auto-tension mode for tests requiring the coupling of static and dynamic setpoints
Full traceability of test conditions
Hierarchized access according to user profile
Memorisation of graphic presentations
Superposition of results
Advanced test report
Calculation of dynamic master curves (FTS)
Calculation of creep master curves (TTS)
Easy data post-processing


The DYNATEST software offers a broad range of applications, among which:

DMA and TMA testing
Static and quasi static testing: creep, stress relaxation, tension, compression, etc.
Polymerization follow-up (thermosets, prepregsā€¦)
Simultaneous calorimetric and DMA testing on thermosets (rheological properties, exothermic reaction, shrinkage)
Extrapolation of viscoelastic properties over an extended frequency range
Long term creep prediction from creep testing on multiple temperature stages

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