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VHF 104 is an innovative Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer that offers a direct experimental method to measure the materials' viscoelastic properties over a very high frequencies range from 100 Hz up to 10 kHz.
Such a test requires only a few minutes, while traditional approach using DMA low frequency test on several temperature stages, requires a few hours test and a calculation through WLF law.
VHF 104 allows optimizing the laboratory's productivity in meeting the requirements of industrials who wish to rapidly analyze large number of formulations of materials.

Main assets:
- High frequency range: 100 Hz up to 10 kHz
- Temperature range: -50°C up to 110°C
- Strain range: up to 30%
- Tension-compression mode
- Shear mode
- Short test duration (about 5 minutes)

Main uses:
- Elastomer high frequency testing
- Porous materials acoustic properties

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