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ROB 100 is an automatic specimen loader, which turns each DMA+ to a robotized Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer.
The analysis of a large number of specimens is then possible continuously and autonomously, without any action from the operator during the tests.
ROB 100 offers a free choice in the definition of tests and the combination of experiments applied to each specimen.
Based on an original mechanical system (01dB-Metravib patent), ROB100 ensures the mastery of mounting conditions of each specimen and guarantees unique measurement reproducibility.
ROB 100 allows optimizing the laboratory's productivity in meeting the requirements of industrials who have to analyze large number of formulations of materials.

Main assets :
- Enhanced analysis productivity
- Autonomous and continuous use without any operator
- Independent test on each specimen
- Multiple tests possible on each specimen
- Enhanced test reproducibility
- Mastery of mechanical constraints applied to specimen
- High specimen storage capability (100 and more)
- Adaptable and polyvalent system

Main uses:
- Industrial routine tests
- Quality control tests
- Products performances modelization
- Robotized DMA tests
- Robotized TMA tests
- Robotized fatigue tests

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