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MULTITEST is the fatigue software program dedicated to the METRAVIB DMA+ Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers series for the control, acquisition and analysis of data.


MULTITEST enhances the flexibility of the DMA+ Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers series by offering extended capabilities in a single instrument:

Waveform control: sine, haversine, triangle, rectangle
Import of specific waveforms
Accurate and quick waveform control
High-performance dynamic and static control algorithms
Learning of materials response
Control optimisation from pre-test mode (ELS mode)
Auto-tension mode
Memorisation of graphic presentations
Advanced test report
Superposition of results
Full traceability of test conditions
Easy post-processing of results
Predefined test models
Hierarchized access according to user profile


The MULTITEST software is dedicated to the following applications:

Fatigue testing
DMA testing with controlled waveform
Crack growth testing on elastomers
Heat build-up testing on elastomers

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