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The system PEARL, “Personal Equipment Add-on for Reactive Localization” is a stand-alone device granting soldiers capabilities that were never provided before.

PEARL exists according to several platforms: PEARL WeaponMounted System, PEARL VehicleMounted System, PEARL Weapon Sight, PEARL Multifunction Goggle Mounted Sytem, etc.. These platforms are different than the other versions in the sense that they are a mono block: The acoustic array, the processing DIAM and the display are integrated in a compact and rugged unit, powered by commercial batteries and set with a Picatinny interface enabling the direct fitting on a weapon (or on another platform). Each system is easily set up thanks to this interface or via adaptation parts easily available.

Thanks to this brand new system, the soldier is now able to find in few seconds and in very intuitive way the origin of the shot that is threatening him.


Thanks to its real-time detection and localisation capabilities, the PEARL system can be used in a wide variety of assignments:

Situation awareness
FOB and Force protection
Border surveillance
Counter sniping operations
Convoy protection
Patrol and classical maneuvers.


PEARL solution presents the following characteristics:

• Integration of a sensor giving the weapon position, this enables to adjust in real time the MMI, that is to say, the colored direction arrows in order to orientate the response and cue/engagethe target

• Great simplicity in use with a basic MMI

• Conservation of a series interface (RS232 or RS485) to link with other devices, as an option, like for example a PDA that has the same ShotGuard software integrated, or communication with the soldier’s equipment.

PEARL system is so intuitive that the user does not need any training on the product.


Compact & robust, with miniaturized Acoustic Sensor Array (ASA), built-in gyroscope, MMI through LEDs display, commercial (AA) Battery Operated and RS232 or RS485 Serial Link
Detection capability : PEARL performs when running, standing, kneeling or laying down. It detects small arms and it filters out-going fire
Easy to mount on any rifle, compatible with sight, no cables.

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