PIVOT : PIlar Versatile Observation Turret

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PIVOT (the PIlar Versatile Observation Turret) is a surveillance system designed for rapid deployment. It comprises a high-speed turret fitted with a day-vision camera. A second mount is available for a night-vision camera or binoculars.

Used on its own, PIVOT acts as an automatic surveillance system with sweeping and recording functions. Used in conjunction with the PILARw system, PIVOT turns the turret in the correct direction and provides a real-time image of the point of origin of the threat.

With the PIVOT system, threat observation, identification and localisation capabilities are greatly enhanced. It is the ideal system for a wide variety of assignments, including infantry units, special forces, reconnaissance patrols, peacekeeping forces, security forces, surveillance of sensitive sites, etc.


Thanks to its excellent observation, identification and localisation capabilities, the PIVOT system can be used for a wide variety of assignments:

Protection of personnel.
Protection of camps, airbases, buildings, embassies, etc.
Border surveillance.
Peacekeeping missions.


The technical features of the PIVOT system make it ideal for use in the field:

Functional, with two video channels, a day-vision camera and optional night-vision sensor
Easy to use, with automatic sweeping
High-speed pan and tilt turret
Hard drive recording function
Practical, as it is totally compatible with the PILARw enemy fire detection system.
Delivered in shock-proof cases.


The PIVOT system is made up of two principal components:

A double-mount turret (maximum load 9 kg) that is compact (dimensions: H 45 x W 26 x D 27.5 cm) and lightweight (9 kg) enabling the camera to be pivoted towards the point of origin of the threat
A lightweight (4.8 kg) and compact (dimensions H 13 x W 15 x L 42 cm) day-vision colour camera with automatic or manual focus.
The PIVOT system can be fitted with an optional night-vision camera (supplied by METRAVIB if required).

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