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The PILARw system uses the sound waves generated by the firing of small arms, Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs) and mortars to detect and accurately identify their location in real time. The PILARw screen displays the precise origin of the enemy fire in 3D.

The system has two principal applications: ground-level deployment, and moving vehicles with the mobile on-board version. However, the PILARw system has been adapted and new versions have recently become available for use in other situations: by infantry, and on board ships, helicopters, drones, etc.

Thanks to our unique expertise in the field of vibrations and acoustics, METRAVIB products offer exceptional threat observation, identification and localisation capabilities.


Thanks to its real-time detection and localisation capabilities, the PILARw system can be used in a wide variety of assignments:

Enemy fire detection to protect temporary or permanent zone (military bases, checkpoints, borders, etc.)
Enemy fire detection system for all vehicles
Enemy fire detection system incorporated into a vehicle's on-board system
Hostile Fire Indicator for helicopters
Enemy fire detection to increase soldier capabilities


The PILARw system is available in a number of mobile versions, each adapted to suit a different platform:

"On the Move" version for installation as a stand alone system in a vehicle
Integrated version to be connected to a remote weapon station (RWS)
Maritime patrol version
Compact version for use on small vehicles such as ATVs
Helicopter version
Weapon Mounted version, which is very compact and lightweight, for real-time protection of the soldier on the battlefield.


The PILARw system is made up of three principal components, which can be combined to create different configurations according to the technical features required:

A folding acoustic antenna with embedded sensors and electronics
A data acquisition and interface module to process the signal transmitted by the antenna(s)
A ruggedized display in the form of a laptop computer, PDA, or Battle Management System, in order to operate the system and view results using PILARw's SHOTGUARD software and MMI (Man/Machine Interface).

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