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MV2 is a simple and economical solution from ONEPROD, offering effective protection for rotating machinery. It combines two monitoring channels in a single module with display, relay outputs and 4-20 mA outputs. Main advantages: wide range, ease of installation, suitable for configuration on-site, economical, dynamic signal output for analysis on front panel.

Thanks to the versatility of the various modules and the option to adjust the monitoring scales and bandwidth, the system can be used in a wide range of situations.

- DIN rail mounting (35 mm and G type)
- Operates with accelerometers, proximity probes and PT100 (3 wire) temperature transducers
- 2 monitoring channels (1 for the position module)
- Sensitivity : 100mV/g or 8 mV/mm
- Power supply for each transducer
- 3-digit back-lit display of levels in physical unit
- Buffered output of transducer signal on BNC connector for analysis
- 4-20 mA recorder outputs
- 2 threshold levels per channel, set on front panel
- 2 relays (alarm and danger common to both channels)
- 1 relay for system and sensor integrity alarm
- Filters and measurement range can be programmed on site
- Power supply 24 VDC (22-28 VDC)
- Consumption : 6 to 8 W
- Operating temperature range : 0°C to 50°C

- Low cost
- Easy to install
- Line flexibility

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