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The self-contained and intelligent MVX system from ONEPROD is intended for continuous multi-channel monitoring of rotating machinery, enabling the early detection of faults. It is the culmination of ONEPROD's 25 years of experience of machinery monitoring throughout the industrial sector.

ONEPROD MVX is a versatile system offering 8 to 32 data acquisition channels for all signal types (IEPE, AC voltage, DC voltage, 4-20 mA, pulses). With its flexible configuration options and extensive calculation capacity, this system makes it possible to implement intelligent and targeted localized monitoring.


ONEPROD has integrated all its expertise into the online MVX system in order to ensure that the best possible monitoring system is in place for every machine. In particular, the processing power and level of embedded intelligence enable:

The detection of problems as soon as possible after the appearance of a fault
A reduction in the volume of data to be transferred, by continuously calculating advanced indicators for reliable embedded monitoring, thus avoiding false alarms
The collection of the correct data, thanks to the data acquisition strategy: MVX monitors the machines continuously, but only the measurements necessary for monitoring and analysis are transferred and stored in the database (on appearance of a condition, a monitoring event, periodically, etc.)
Operating conditions to be taken into account, in order to carry out repeatable and comparable measurements.


The monitoring of low-speed rotating machinery can be problematic (complex analysis, signal quality required, etc.). The MVX system from ONEPROD offers the perfect solution, with its data acquisition and processing capabilities:

Long time scopes with high resolution: up to 960 s sampled at 51.2 kHz, spread over 1 to 32 channels. Essential for the analysis of low frequency phenomena
Automatic detection of shocks thanks to SFI, an intelligent indicator developed specially for low speeds. These shocks are initially hidden in a rich time signal and are very difficult to detect by eye, even using advanced analysis tools.


MVX is a versatile system, enabling the most complex machinery found in today's industrial sector to be monitored:

Management of numerous operating conditions, defined using one or more process parameters (up to 5 parameters can be combined)
Indicators adapted according to operating conditions
Alarm thresholds for each parameter adapted according to operating conditions, to ensure reliable monitoring
Acquisition strategy can be adapted according to operating conditions (type of measurement escalated, condition validity criteria, etc.)
Priority management between operating conditions according to the levels defined by the user to ensure the escalation of measurements that are important for monitoring and analysis.


ESA (Electrical Signature Analysis) is a monitoring technique for rotating machines that is integrated to the Online MVX solution and allows detecting the occurrence of defects based on the monitoring of electrical parameters. Particularly performing for the detection of very low frequency phenomena, ESA relies on all the experience and know-how of ONEPROD to deliver a message that is easily understood by the user:

For the motor, ESA delivers a clear diagnosis on rotor bar degradation, static and dynamic eccentricity, stator current unbalance, while calculating the power factor.
For mains power, ESA monitors power supply voltages, their balancing and their harmonics.
Beyond this, ESA can be used to detect mechanical defects from the motor down to the driven machine: bearing defects, transmission, belts, pumps, fans, speed-reducing gears...

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