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ONEPROD introduces SUPERVISION, a new generation of web based software applications dedicated to smart condition monitoring. Relying on 30 years of experience with industrial customers, SUPERVISION offers the users a complete control of their surveyed groups of machines.

Very intuitive and definitely visual SUPERVISION makes condition monitoring available to any level in responsibility, thus removing prerequisites on expertise. At the first glance the displayed synthetic view provides explicit information about the machines' health status with a simple internet connection from any location in the globe.

With SUPERVISION, ONEPROD is revisiting condition monitoring and offers unrivalled simplicity and efficiency for a better productivity.

Welcome to the world of smart condition monitoring !


SUPERVISION provides essential management tools for installed bases comprising large numbers of machines:

using dynamic filters, the machines corresponding to selected criteria can be displayed immediately
customized favorites lists enable a pre-defined selection of machines to be displayed, regardless of the machines' status.
Using the favorites, users can access the machines sought in just one click and a single view, no matter how many machines are monitored and regardless of the database structure.


Are you looking for condition-based maintenance information that is clear, concise and easy to understand?

SUPERVISION provides exactly that, for everyone involved in maintaining industrial machinery in operational conditions. The "ADVICE" view displays a message enabling all users, regardless of their role in the company, to monitor, understand, measure levels of efficacy, and make maintenance-related decisions concerning the monitored machinery.

Using SUPERVISION, information is shared instantaneously and the work carried out by the condition-based maintenance department is clearly displayed for everyone involved, in order to ensure optimal maintenance.


SUPERVISION enables you to check a greater number of machines more quickly, so you can review your entire installed base of machinery more often, thus ensuring that you are up to date at all times.

The new flat view appearance mode enables all machines in an installed base to be displayed at the same time.

It is therefore possible to:

scroll through hundreds or even thousands of machines in just a few seconds
identify the specific machine(s) to be looked at out of the hundreds or thousands of machines in your installed base, thanks to the sorting functions available when information is displayed as a list.


With the aim of monitoring the entire installed base of machines, SUPERVISION offers a measurement delay indicator.

This indicator enables the following to be identified immediately:

any offline machines that are monitored at periodic intervals using a portable data collection device, which have been overlooked or not tested
any online machines that are continuously monitored, for which the measuring instrument or communication network has failed, temporarily preventing proper monitoring of the machine.
Failure to check a machine can allow damage to occur to the machine and jeopardize the processes for which it is used.

The measurement delay indicator is an essential control mechanism in all condition-based maintenance activities, making it possible to check that measurement activities are carried out correctly.


It is now possible to carry out a remote diagnosis of an installed base of measuring instruments, thanks to SUPERVISION's Instruments module, which offers the following:

an overview of the monitoring status of the measuring instruments
an assessment of the communication status with each instrument
a detailed view of each instrument (status of measurement channels, possible faults, general information, etc.)
the status of the Xcom driver, linking the instruments and database
easy movement from the machine view to the status of the related online monitoring instrument

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