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Packing in ONEPROD's 25 years of experience, FALCON is an innovative tool for collection, vibration analysis and balancing that puts condition-based maintenance within the grasp of all users.

Fast, efficient and smart, FALCON was designed to meet the real-time productivity needs of industry. Incorporating all of ONEPROD's knowledge of condition-based maintenance, FALCON takes the mystery out of vibration analysis via automatic configuration and diagnostic modules that guarantee both simplicity of set-up and unequalled reliability of results.

Revolutionary and unique, this innovative "all-in-one" solution consists of a three-axis wireless sensor in conjunction with a portable autonomous multi-channel device featuring a large color touch screen and built-in accessories (stroboscope, pyrometer, camera, QR code reader, audio comments recorder, etc.).


FALCON packs in innovative features never previously seen in a single device:

Three-axis wireless sensor, on an automatically positioned base plate
Built-in accessories (stroboscope, pyrometer, camera, QR code reader, audio comments recorder, etc.)
Automatic configuration & diagnostics
Simultaneous 4-channel measurement + trigger input
Acquisition of multi-channel time signals up to 80s at 51.2kHz (4 Mega samples)
Robust design, rubber grip for better handling, and anti-shock resistance
Large color touch screen, which can even be used with gloves
USB, WiFi, Ethernet/Internet.


FALCON is within everyone's grasp! Setting the measurement configurations is child's play! What was once tedious is now fun, as configuration is carried out by providing a simple description of the machine's kinematics via a built-in visual interface.

After that, on-site measurements are made without any risk of error, thanks to its spontaneous recognition of equipment. The user positions the wireless sensor on each of the machine's bearings and the measurement points are linked together in a totally automatic manner.


FALCON allows you to make immediate use of the benefits of condition-based maintenance: plan maintenance actions several months in advance, avoid unexpected breakages, and minimize stoppage time, all without the need for any special skills.

FALCON’s built-in automatic diagnostics module provides unbeatably relevant and reliable results! Clearly identified, faults are displayed with an associated level of confidence, and the result, displayed instantaneously, can be understood by all.


A three-axis sensor that is easy to install thanks to its automatically positioned base plate, a QR code associated with each machine during the learning phase for automatic identification, fast measurement thanks to simultaneous multi-channel real-time processing, user guidance, safety for operators... all of this enables FALCON to reduce the time needed for on-site intervention to the absolute minimum, thereby guaranteeing optimum operating costs and maximum productivity.


FALCON incorporates all modes of communication:

Wireless WiFi communication with the three-axis sensor
Uploading/downloading of data by USB, Ethernet, Internet, standard WiFi protocol
Cloud access to the LIVEPROD hosted platform
Remote screen mode enables display on PC
Remote control of the CMS platform
Communication of results via the SUPERVISION tool.
The FALCON collection and vibration analysis tool communicates data to the condition-based maintenance platform equipped with XPR and SUPERVISION so that the results can be used and automatic reports can be published. Complete and customizable, these reports can also include statistical information to allow more precise interpretation of changes in the behavior of equipment.


FALCON was designed for uncompromised industrial use in the harshest settings:

ATEX Zone 2
Withstands a 1.2-meter drop.
The wireless sensor is equipped with a strap for the user's wrist, to avoid dropping or losing it. FALCON also has a rubber grip for better handling, and anti-shock resistance. The lack of cable makes the user's work safer, thanks to the speed of starting the sensor and the possibility to move away from the machine during measurement, thereby reducing exposure to harsh environments.

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