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ONEPROD XPR is a multi-technical maintenance platform intended specifically for rotating machinery.

XPR ensures system reliability by managing vibration-related data collected either continuously (MVX) or at periodic intervals (MVP), as well as data relating to processes, thermography and oil analyses, whilst also taking into account the operating conditions of the machines.

Its advanced features make it possible to correlate information to achieve a useful analysis and to transfer data via user-friendly interfaces.

XPR is particularly versatile and facilitates the work of process managers, maintenance staff and vibration analysts. This software program offers automatic processing operations and comprehensive displays, enabling users to focus on the essential.

With its powerful analysis and reporting tools, XPR offers exceptional capabilities for supervising, monitoring and diagnosing of the state of health of rotating machinery.


A machine is monitored through the use of various measuring points, which in turn are composed of different indicators. It is therefore essential to have an overview of all monitored parameters, including their alarm status, in order to gain a reliable impression of the state of health of an item of equipment.

ONEPROD XPR facilitates access to this information by presenting data in a matrix format, saving a great amount of time for data analysts. G4D from the ONEPROD range offers:

Immediate overview of a machine's state of health
Standard color coding (ISO 10816)
Display of alarm thresholds (absolute, statistics, relative) and trend thresholds, in order to anticipate any exceedance
Display of operating conditions related to each observed measurement.


ONEPROD XPR allows users to centralize and compare all the data required to optimize the monitoring of an installed base of machinery:

Online vibrations using the MVX system for those machines that are most critical, inaccessible or subject to a variable regime
Offline vibrations using the MVP data acquisition system for other machines, to collect data at periodic intervals
Operating conditions
Electrical analyses, either continuously or at periodic intervals
Offline oil analyses originating from laboratories
Online oil analyses collected directly from the MVX system
Process data acquired directly via an OPC customer interface or server
Thermographic images
Feedback (photos, reports) to gain more in-depth knowledge of the machine.


Condition-based maintenance is, by definition, a complex undertaking, as it requires skilled analysts who are able to interpret changes in machines' vibratory behavior.

Through XPR reports, ONEPROD offers specialists a comprehensible framework in which to work, enabling them to pass information on to others within the company:

Automatic extraction of analysis work stored in the database
Customizable content
Customizable layout (Word template)
Ease of distribution (pdf, rtf, html, etc.).
XPR enables condition-based maintenance to be developed further, thanks to statistical reports:

Optimization of condition-based maintenance thanks to the various diagrams available (monitoring the number of faults detected, the alarm statuses of each item of equipment, etc.)
Statistical analysis by type of machine, by type of default, by process function, etc.


ONEPROD XPR offers experts all the tools that they require to carry out their analyses:

Development of advanced parameters during the post-processing phase (after downloading data)
Ability to retrospectively add or reject indicators during the post-processing phase for the entire history
Concatenation of spectra in order to display, for a given spectrum, the best resolution over the entire frequency range monitored (e.g. 0 - 20 kHz)
3D spectrum processing
VIBGRAPH graphical tool with advanced features (SFI* filtering, customizable filters, orbit tracking, multiple cursors, harmonics, allowable limits, etc.).
*Shock Finder: A powerful processing tool enabling shocks lost in a time signal to be extracted.


Initializing the monitoring of an installed base of machines can be a laborious process, particularly when a large number of machines is involved. ONEPROD XPR is noteworthy for the time in which a large base of machinery can be configured, thanks to the various tools available to the user:

Pre-configured templates
Copy/paste functions
Dedicated libraries (bearing database with kinematics, motor database with name plates, etc.)
Automatic threshold assistant, enabling ONEPROD to assist users in optimizing alarm thresholds for one or a set of machines
Search & Replace option allowing for quick and consistent modification of a parameter, signal or alarm threshold applicable for a set of machines.


An installed base of monitored machines can easily include more than 1000 items of equipment, which can make it difficult to view monitoring results. For this reason, ONEPROD provides users with access to advanced filtering tools, enabling results for the machine(s) sought to be displayed in just a few seconds:

Equipment finder tool
Equipment filters, according to alarm statuses, expert advice, the date of stored data, groupings of machines or patrols, etc.
… or further enabling the analysis of changes in machine behavior:

Filters according to measurement dates (by operation conditions, expert advice, etc)
Filtering by measurement date using VIBGRAPH trend tracking.

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