Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

January 2, 2018

We are all proud at Acoustic1 to have taken part in an experiment at the Royal institution Christmas Lectures with Professor Sophie Scott.
The experiment involved using our Acoustic Camera: the Noise Inspector to image the resonant air from an old style tea chest base.
I think the experiment was a great success, but you can see for yourselves on the BBC iPlayer, just follow the link below ...

Many thanks to all at the Royal Institution we had great fun.


June 27, 2016

In partnership with Marshall Day Acoustics, 01dB introduces IRIS, a powerful measurement tool for room acoustics. A concert hall must have perfect acoustics whatever the viewer's seat.
IRIS allows to view and analyze easily the acoustic impulse response in a room. Thanks to this system, it is now easy to compare the acoustic performance between seats and to correct architectural aberrations causing malfunction.
IRIS has been designed by practising acousticians for easy reliable and efficient measurements in real-world situations.

With IRIS, you see what you’ve heard.


June 27, 2016

01dB introduces Noise Inspector, the best solution for acoustic cameras, developed by his partner CAE Software and Systems.
Powerful, versatile and flexible, the Noise Inspector range is at the forefront of technological innovation in the field of sound source localization.

With great ease of system setting up, sound and vibration emissions becomes quickly visible.

The software is easy to use for non-specialists and offers great advanced functionalities for professionals in acoustics. The results are acoustic images or movies, easy to interpret, and easy to communicate. Noise Inspector is the perfect mobile tool to help you determine dominant sound sources in the Environment, improve your product quality, minimize development time and to save your resources. The system guarantees precise and uncomplicated determination of acoustic sources, also convinces through its really low costs.

Acoustic Cameras are now at your fingertips!